Activator Plus

Activator Plus requires no pH adjustments after application. Makes water softer and easier to balance.

Product Details


  • Easy to apply powdered formula
  • Specialized water buffers to help with water balance
  • Blended with corrosion inhibitors to help extend the life of equipment and pool components
  • Added water clarifiers to give water a second to none look
  • Unique formula that will not be affected by sunlight or evaporation; typically once a season application
  • Compatibility with all surface types
  • Compatibility with all forms of sanitizers, including mineral sanitizers and salt (chlorine) generators


  • Chlorine consumption will decrease
  • Water will feel softer regardless of your water hardness levels
  • Gives water a beautiful sheen. Will make clear water appear even more crisp and clear
  • Helps to maintain an ideal pH during the pool season. Perfect for pools using salt (chlorine) generators
  • Reduces the amount of time between cleaning cycles. Regardless if you are using DE, Sand, or Cartridge filter systems
  • Keeps equipment cleaner longer


  • Clean filter as needed and adjust water balance
  • Apply product when pool is not in use and with pump running
  • Minimum initial treatment is 2 pounds per 1,000 gallons of pool water
  • Apply in two equal doses at least 8 hours apart directly to the pool with the pump running
  • No need to adjust the pH; total alkalinity may increase slightly after use; if an increase occurs, wait 2 weeks before adjustment
  • Resume pool use 15 minutes after applying into the pool
  • Levels of Activator Plus should be tested monthly and maintained at 30 to 50 ppm

Available Sizes

10 lb pail
20 lb pail
45 lb pail

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